Madame Laracine’s Gratin Dauphinois

“Gratin Dauphinois,” meaning potatoes and creme fraiche. And from France. These wonderful potatoes are first cooked in whole milk and seasonings and then baked with Gruyere cheese and creme fraiche. Definitely one of the best potato recipes I’ve made in awhile. My Guy liked them too, but in this case, I think he was more impressed by the 6666 Soppin’ sauce on his steak (not pictured). We throughly enjoyed both recipes!

Madame Laracine's Gratin Dauphinois

“A potato gratin from the Savoy in southeast France. The potatoes are first simmered in milk with garlic, then baked in a bath of creme fruit and grated Gruyere.”

Pg. 284 of The Essential New York Times Cookbook, Amanda Hesser

First published in the New York Times in 1988.



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