Strawberry Shortcakes

Ok, I have to admit that when I find a recipe in this book that is pre-1950 or so, I get absurdly excited. It was a snowy snowy morning, day and night- we got about 8 inches of snow yesterday and I wanted to make this. However, I didn’t have any baking powder. So my poor guy, thinking that strawberry shortcake was enough reason, braved the snow and dark to go to the store down the street to pick some up for me.

We really liked this! Somehow, I think the biscuits fit the 1880’s- fairly dense, and not very tall seem perfect for the time period. They tasted fabulous though. The only other things I changed was that we used frozen strawberries (fresh in November in Michigan doesn’t exist), I sweetened the whipped cream and I added lemon zest to the berries.

“I’m not one for fluffy shortcakes. I want a cake with oomph and character, and that’s just what you get with these wonderful dense, faintly salty shortcakes. They must be eaten warm, so get everything else- the strawberries, the cream- ready before popping the shortcakes into the oven. ” – Amanda Hesser

strawberry shortcake

-May 13, 1877: “Receipts for the Table.” Recipe signed Aunt Addie.

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