Quicker Cinnamon Buns

Straying from my cooking and baking lately, this is not The New York Times Essential Cookbook. I’ve been really very interested in America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country by America’s Test Kitchen as of late. They keep it no nonsense, and add many things into the shows that I only ever learned in school. As I learned traditional pastry technique in a commercial kitchen, the idea of molding it into something I can do in a home kitchen is fairly daunting. And I usually give up.

America’s Test Kitchen has changed ALL of that. They show me a way to do items at home, while still keeping the feel traditional. And while I think most people find the science that’s sprinkled in boring, in reality, they most likely just don’t even understand it. Every episode is a mini review for baking theory and the cooking is something new for me!

I just couldn’t resist these Quicker Cinnamon Buns. By using a higher amount of yeast, it doesn’t need as much time to rise (only five minutes!), and a second leavener added in the form of baking powder, the result is a dough that only needs 2 minutes  of kneading and 30 minutes of proofing before going in the oven.

Start to finish? Two hours. And I did dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Compared to the traditional 4-6 hours, I couldn’t ask for more. They were huge, beautiful and so delicious.



These will DEFINETLY be made again. My sister asked me while she was eating one if I had the recipe written down. It’s a keeper.

-October/ November 2013, Issue #53

Season 7, Episode 701


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