Chicken Orzo Soup

So it’s been awhile… life has been busy to say the least. But I have a few entries worth of meals and things I’ve made in the last month!

My guy wasn’t feeling the best last weekend (so much so that our Valentine’s morning breakfast of Raspberry-Strawberry Sweet Rolls had to be postponed) and his appetite still hasn’t been back to 100%. So I resorted to chicken noodle soup last night for dinner. Except I didn’t have any egg noodles, as he so kindly pointed out to me in the middle of the day while we were at work.

Orzo it was. I had seen and pinned this recipe awhile ago off of Pinterest, and kind of threw my own spin on it (a soup labeled as Italian Spinach Orzo soup and it didn’t have a bay leaf or basil in it… umm no). It turned out essentially a chicken orzo soup in broth with garlic, carrots, celery, onion, diced tomatoes, spinach and seasoned with basil, bay leaf, oregano, salt, and pepper. His had shredded chicken in it, and mine did not. We ate the soup with the last of the Zingerman’s Peppercorn Parmesan bread.



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