World Peace Cookies for the New Year

world-peace-cookie_1Doris Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies are a simple sable cookie with dark chocolate and fleur de sel, and are featured in Dorie’s new book “Dorie’s Cookies.”

I was thrilled with this selection for Tuesdays with Dorie’s first January recipe, as I had been looking at it to possibly include in our Valentine’s day boxes of cookies we mail to family and friends. After trying them, I’ll be making a second log of dough to keep in the freezer for February.

world-peace-cookie_2Bottom line is WE LOVED THESE! And oh so simple to make, with ingredients I keep stocked in the pantry.



  1. Great idea for a Valentine’s box! And, I love that you can just pull them out of the freezer and have them ready for guests in no time! Happy New Year! Your cookies look sooo good!


  2. They were simple to make, I made them before in the original TWD group way back when and couldn’t really remember them so it was fun to make them like it was a completely new recipe. 🙂 Yours look very professional!


  3. These are fantastic, aren’t they? I baked just enough for the photos yesterday and have the rest of the dough hanging out in the freezer for cookie emergencies…


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