Royal Icing Sprinkles


I was on the hunt for Valentine’s day colored jimmies (sprinkles)… after visiting Joann’s, Target and Meijer- I gave up. I did buy an assortment pack of valentines day sprinkles from Target that featured non-pareils but I still wasn’t happy.

For our Valentine’s day boxes of cookies and sweets we’re mailing out, I am featuring white chocolate dipped pretzel rods with valentine’s day sprinkles (plus World Peace cookies, X and O vanilla cutout cookies and raspberry or strawberry pate a fruit.0.

I solved my own problem of the sprinkles though. I made up a batch of very thick royal icing- when I say thick, I mean like glue. THICK. And then used a lot of arm power and piped many, many lines using a #4 tip and letting them dry overnight. Then it was just a matter of breaking them up into pieces.

All I can say- they certainly taste a lot better. Better than any store bought sprinkle I’ve ever eaten.



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