Breakfast Biscotti

This was a tough decision to make, whether I make the recipe from Dorie’s Cookies or the recipe from #cookiesandkindness for the month. Ultimately, I made the Breakfast Biscotti in time for the Tuesday’s with Dorie posting, but I am planning on making the Olive Oil and Wine cookies later this month too.

IMG_9810 (2017-01-08T01_55_47.942).JPGThese were a huge hit around here! My fiancee liked them, and then took a container of them to work, and they disappeared there as well. My mom and sister also got to try them and they were gone within a day.

IMG_9822 (2017-01-08T01_56_16.983).JPGI’ve made biscotti of various types before, but I’ve never made them with oats and granola!

Unfortunately, I can’t post the recipe, but I’d love to encourage all of you to check out Dorie’s Cookies by Doris Greenspan. Please also join us in baking through the book in Tuesday’s with Dorie! 

Side Note- I’m also very excited that my next Tuesdays with Dorie post SHOULD have different countertops in the background. We’re getting ready to move!



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