BSM: Nutella Chip Cookies

img_1644I found the Baked Sunday Mornings page a few weeks ago while exploring another Tuesday’s with Dorie baker’s blog page, and decided to jump in for the remainder of Baked Occasions.

These Nutella Chip Cookies presented somewhat of a problem for me- I tried three different stores for hazelnuts in my area and had no luck. I finally found them at Trader Joe’s with a much higher price tag than I was willing to put on these cookies. Trader Joe’s also makes a fake Nutella spread that is Cocoa and Almond…. so I bought that instead and used sliced almonds I already had in the pantry. Almonds means a much cheaper cookie.

I took these to my office for a baby shower we had for a coworker and they were a HUGE hit. I got compliments from just about all 25 of my coworkers, and a few asked for the recipe. And of course, my usual testers- my mom, sister and fiancee all thought they were great too.

One of the firm partners (I work for a law office), has told me not once, but twice how much he enjoyed these cookies, and even told me what a talent it was for me to be able to thrill people with food. Pretty much made my day both times he told me how outstanding they were!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Welcome, Sarah! We’re a great group, if I do say so myself. 🙂 Nice job on your cookies!


    1. Sarah B. says:

      Thanks so much!


  2. Welcome Sarah! You’ll love the BSM group, we’re a small but fun bunch of bakers! I LOVED these cookies when I made them!!!


    1. Sarah B. says:

      Thank you!


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