TWD: Rose Hibiscus Shortbread Fans


I was sooo thrilled we elected a shortbread this month. I received a new shortbread pan at Christmas and hadn’t used it yet, but purposefully didn’t pack it in hopes of making a shortbread before we moved and unpacked. Success!

Plus, hands down, shortbread is my favorite type of cookie.


I didn’t have any form of hibiscus in the house, but I did have Star Kay Rose Extract! I headed to the store looking for the red zinger tea… and they were out of it. My options were raspberry zinger and sangria zinger. I got the sangria zinger. And I have to say, they tasted fabulous.

I was glad I added the icing though. I felt they needed the extra hint of sweet it added!



  1. Okay, shortbread pans are a new one to me and I see that more than one of our group knows all about them…they are so lovely, these cookies are just beautiful. Very pretty. Maybe this is the Christmas I should ask for my own new shortbread pan!


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