Valentine’s Day Share A Heart Cookies…

…Nope. Not Hearts.


I made these the weekend after Valentine’s Day, and I just couldn’t bring myself to make them into hearts. My various heart cutters have gotten quite a bit of use this month.

I opted to use a shape from my cookie cutter tumbler…I’m not even sure what the shape is. Any votes? I usually refer to it as a starburst. I got this cookie cutter contraption from my grandmother, who got it in the 1950’s. It houses 6 different shapes, including all the playing card suits.


We really liked these cookies! I took most of them into my office to share, and they went over very well. The dough couldn’t have been simpler to make, or cut out, and as per usual, they tasted fantastic.




  1. I love the roll out doughs in this book – they’ve all been so easy to work with! I don’t know what the shape signifies, but your Grandmother’s cookie contraption is wonderful. Your cookies look great.


  2. LOVE that cookie cuter. I collect vintage kitchen tools but haven’t seen this one. There were good, weren’t they.


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I have NO idea what it is. But I love having all the card suit shapes, and they’re small- around 2 inches diameter each.


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