TWD: Salted Chocolate Caramel Bars

These were spectacularly good, but also incredibly messy and sticky! I slightly overbaked my shortbread, even though it was according to Dorie’s instructions (on the low end) and with an oven thermometer in the oven since I found out via a frozen pizza that the electric oven in our new house is a whopping 25-30 degrees low. Ah well.

IMG_1869Now that I’m looking at the pictures- I substituted almonds for the pecans since that’s what I had in the cabinet. Another great recipe from Dorie’s Cookies, and I can’t wait to see what everyone else’s experience was with these at Tuesday’s with Dorie. Thanks to Dorie for another great month of #cookiesandkindness too!



  1. I had read someone’s review that these needed the refrigerator to set up. I put my in the refrigerator and kept them there. These were delicious and luckily my husband is eating them so I don’t have too.


  2. oh, they were in the fridge. I left them on the counter as instructed for a couple of hours and saw that wasn’t going to work. But boy were they good!


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