Lemon Sugar Cookies

I’m just going to put it out there- I really don’t care for sugar cookies. At all. However, these cookies with the addition of lemon, are a different story. IMG_1915

I made these bite size- about half the size instructed in the book. I baked off only a dozen of the roughly 100 cookies. The rest are in the freezer to be baked later this week. We’re headed out of town on Friday for the weekend for a funeral. My aunt passed away from advanced Multiple Sclerosis this past week These cookies will be a welcome addition to the table at my grandmother’s house with all 30 or so of us there next weekend.


These were rolled in some leftover yellow sugar I had, and I added poppyseed to them.




  1. My condolences for your aunt. These are lovely lemon cookies. I happened to make them in February, so I’m debating whether to make them again.

    As for the Anzac Biscuits, the unsweetened coconut worked well. I think they might be too sweet (for me at least) if they contained the sweetened kind. I always use unsweetened.


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