Cake Slice Bakers! Rhubarb Crumble Cake

I was soooo excited to make this month’s- there were several cakes I would have been thrilled to make. My sister has a June birthday and she requested something with rhubarb- not having any idea of my options for Cake Slice Bakers… that and the fact that rhubarb was in season here in Michigan and easy to come by at our local farmer’s market? Decision made!

And that’s where things started going wrong. I wanted to follow the recipe as stated, since I haven’t been great at it- and a small, tall cake sounded right up my alley. But crumble it did… It looked like a lot of batter, so I left out a good scoop going into the oven. I stuck a sheet tray underneath my 6 inch by 3 inch cake pan for ease of getting it in and out of the oven and not worrying about the crumb topping getting everywhere.

I checked the cake halfway through it’s bake time, and there was cake everywhere. All over the edges, and the sheet pan- it had completely climbed the edges of the pan, and cake batter from under the fruit and crumb was bubbly over.

I’m still not entirely sure where I went wrong with this one other than the pan size. The good news was it came out of the pan, stood (albeit a bit crooked) and tasted wonderful with a side of ice cream!


Forgive me- in all my frustration, I neglected to take any other pictures of this cake. I look forward to trying this again next year in an 8 inch pan!

This month we continue to bake from “World Class Cakes” by Roger Pizey!

This month Cake Choices are…
Marco Pierre White’s Harvey’s Lemon Tart p.24
Rhubarb Crumble Cake p.89
Kueh Lapis p.139
Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s Cloud Forest Chocolate Cake p.46

Visit our members to see what cake choice they baked up!



  1. Sorry to hear that you had that mishap. The cake looks delicious and is one that I’d like to try. I don’t recall have rhubarb anything before and I’m interested. I live in Michigan also and see rhubarb everywhere. Have an awesome day!


  2. Oh heavens! I do feel like the stated pans in this book leave a little something to be desired, even if the resulting cakes are usually pretty delicious! Trying again in an 8 inch pan sounds like a great idea!


  3. I know that feeling when you follow the recipe to a T and then this happens. I’m glad it decided to at least play nice and come out of the pan, and it definitely looks delicious. I may have to look into growing rhubarb myself since it usually gets shipped here and is gone before you can blink.


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