#CakeSliceBakers: Boston Cream Pie

December’s bake was personal choice! I left the decision to my mother for what we used to celebrate my grandmother’s 88th birthday. We decided on the Boston Cream Pie from World Class Cakes.

I really was intrigued by this recipe since the pastry cream recipe used flour as a thickening agent and in all the million times I’ve made pastry cream, I’ve never added flour. Turns out.. there’s a reason. I don’t think I had any chance at all in this cream turning out smooth. I did re-make the cream, using a traditional pastry cream recipe.

Not my prettiest cake, and I wasn’t crazy about his instructions to use one 8 inch cake pan and then split the cake- next time it’ll be less batter in two pans to avoid the cutting. However, this went over very well and everyone loved the taste of it!

Boston Cream Pie

Merry Christmas, Cake Slice Bakers! Looking forward to a new year and a new book with you!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Elle says:

    It sure made a pretty birthday cake…Happy Birthday to your grandmother! Nice to know to skip his pastry cream and go with a tried and true one. The topping looks like it turned out well.


  2. SusanB says:

    What a great family photo with a pretty cake!


  3. Lovely cake and a sweet lovely photo! Happy Belated Birthday to your grandmother!
    Merry Christmas!


  4. Felice says:

    Your cake looks wonderful and thanks for the tips. A belated hauʻoli lā hānau to your grandmother.


  5. Anabel says:

    Happy Birthday to your Grandma! Homemade birthday cakes are the best, they say “Your Special”!
    The crumb on this cake looks delicious!


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