Rewind:Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies

Since I joined up with Tuesdays with Dorie in January after getting Dorie's Cookies during the holidays, I took the January Rewind week as an opportunity to make the Chocolate Creme Sandwich cookies that the group made in November 2016. Granted, I made the dough after we put in an 11 hour day working on [...]

Sauteed Asparagus with Fleur De Sel

"It doesn't take much to make asparagus great- just great asparagus. But a little butter, flour de sel, and truffle oil don't hurt," Amanda Hesser, The New York Times Essential Cookbook No truffle oil for us. I would have loved it, but I had to track down flour de sel this week and just didn't have [...]

Pistou Soup

"A straight-shooting version of soupe au pistou (a sort of French minestrone), and although the vegetables lose their brightness and vigor the day after, the soup tastes even better then as the flavors relax and integrate. The recipe comes from Le Perigord, one of the early offshoots of Le Pavillon (New York's first modern French [...]